The True Story

True; defined in part as “authentic, genuine” and “sincere”, these are the guiding principles that form the primary foundation and continual focus behind all of our missions and goals at True Hospitality, LLC! We believe being ‘true’ to our guests, our employees and those we meet along the way- is not only instrumental, but also nothing short of vital in forming the lasting connections, memorable experiences and viable partnerships that are paramount in today’s business world, the lodging industry as a whole and in the personal lives of those we serve.

True Hospitality, LLC provides consistent, equitable, and strategic management services tailored to our individual hotels on a daily basis which include; overall operational support, accounting/bookkeeping, financial strategy, human resources, payroll processing, sales/marketing, revenue management and project development. Additionally, we develop, mentor and build our teams by providing the professional support, leadership, in-depth knowledge and industry tools necessary to advance in an environment that embraces our staff’s personal and professional growth.


We take high regard in that our teams are truly the driving sources behind idea, to implementation, to thoughtful actions; and then finally success. We strive daily to ensure we can assist those in reaching ‘true’ potentials and new milestones beyond restrictive limitations.

We truly thank you for visiting our website! For more information about True Hospitality, LLC, we encourage you to head over to our Contact Us page or contact one of our executive team members below.

Our Mission

Leading the market through the empowerment of our collaborators, creating “True” hospitality you remember, surpassing the expectations of our guests and employees.


Executive Director

Jeremy J. Murray

Excited to introduce True Hospitality, LLC to the hotel asset-management community in 2019, Jeremy is ultimately responsible for piloting the planned initiatives, ensuring company goal achievements, delivering realistic evaluation of performance metrics and aggressively guiding the strategic growth, development and performance processes of our served portfolio of hotels, business partners, owners and directors.


Heading up the executive management staff, Jeremy’s collaboration with his team and leadership style is simplistic by nature, but specific by virtue; in that he feels providing true empowerment, the availability and preservation of resources, and the inspiration to accomplish goals beyond a mere immediate reach, shall always be at the core of our culture for optimum development, supreme achievements and true successes. To accomplish this, Jeremy truly believes in practicing servant-leadership through and through, by uplifting your staff, placing them at the top, and enhancing personal development, because he will say, “that’s where real magic happens!”


Having grown up in and around the hospitality industry since the age of eight, Jeremy has been actively engaged in hotel asset management for nearly twenty-two years combined. His late grandfather’s continuing involvement with full-service hotels sparked a passion and pursuit in the industry, which then started a full-time career path just out of high school. This experience would ultimately lead to holding various leadership roles with hotel brands such as Hilton, Country Inn’s & Suites by Radisson, Cobblestone Hotels, LLC and the once Midwest-prominent, Heartland Inn’s of America, LLC. Throughout these endeavors, Jeremy has served in positions such as Guest Services, Property Support Specialist, General Manager, and Regional Director of Operations.


In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling new destinations, and taking in the arts at several plays and concerts.

Jeremy’s Favorite Quote:

“Pursue passion over interest every chance you get! With interest, you might. With passion, you will!”


Director of Operations

Josh Sievers

Josh boarded the True Hospitality, LLC executive leadership team in 2019 and is charged with actively managing, leading, guiding, and inspiring the overall hotel operations division for our served portfolio of hotels and lodging business partners. As the immediate supervisor for all general managers, Josh is responsible for the complete oversight, leadership, and defined performance results for each hotel regarding revenue optimization, expense control, guest-relations, employee satisfaction and operational soundness.


In his endeavors, Josh continually utilizes a fluidly unique and “think outside the box” approach, which brings exclusive perspective, professional insight, and distinctively specific guidance to the forefront of achieving the bigger-picture results, while never neglecting the minor details that make up many of those cumulative success moments. Josh’s leadership is purely empowering, role-model supportive, and deservingly rewarding; by giving his team the necessary tools, adequate resources, and unparalleled training to outperform even the greatest of personal boundaries or limits. At the finish line, he believes that when people are trusted and appreciated, this is where the real exponential growth is not only experienced- but felt.


Josh brings to the team a myriad of experiences favorable to the people-service industry, including previously working operations and logistics in the entertainment industry where he planned, promoted, organized and executed numerous community events and concerts across the US. Additionally, Josh worked closely with victims of domestic and other violence survivors for an agency serving a large portion of northeast Nebraska. During that tenure, he was also responsible for managing the intern, volunteer, and community outreach programs to increase the exposure and effectiveness of the services provided.


Josh’s hospitality background includes positions as General Manager, GM Trainer and Opening Assistant for brands such as Cobblestone Hotels, LLC and My Place Hotels of America. During these experiences, Josh was notably recognized for numerous efforts and contributions, including his effect with increasing guest satisfaction scores, brand-inspection results and was ultimately honored with the General Manager of the Year Award nomination in 2019.


In his spare time, Josh loves spending time with his family, biking, and traveling to as many beautiful and unique places as possible. When off the road, you may find Josh reading up on the fringe sciences and enjoying an episode of Stargate while downing an Iced Americano. If you ask Josh’s family what he is known for they will tell you “his mind never stops with ideas and he cares about those he works with.”

Josh’s Favorite Quote:

“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

Sales & Marketing Director 

Sarah Litwiller

Sarah joined the True Hospitality, LLC executive leadership team in 2019 actively managing, leading, and championing the overall sales and marketing division for our served portfolio of hotels and partners.


Working cumulatively and one on one with our hotel general managers, front-line staff and other contributing members, Sarah enthusiastically promotes the hotels, amenities, services, and offerings in each market while building lasting connections, cherished relationships, and valuable partnerships with those we’re fortunate to serve as our guests. Remaining consistently in tune with many local convention and visitor’s bureaus, chambers of commerce, event venues, sports planners and group business partners, Sarah absolutely thrives on being actively involved with local organizational promotions, developing additional business opportunities and pursuing community involvement strategies to further advance the success opportunities we love to celebrate.


Sarah’s progressive career in the hospitality industry began ground-floor in 2004 as a guest service representative. Through her passion for hard work and dedication to service, that introduction evolved to being named General Manager with brands such as AmericInn and Country Inn’s & Suites by Radisson. Sarah is an Iowa State University graduate and currently sits on the Ames Parks & Recreation Board and the Advisory Board for Above and Beyond Cancer Community for Young Adult Survivors.


In her spare time, Sarah enjoys relaxing by or being active in anything water! She also loves cheering on her boyfriend at truck pulls, Hallmark movies and spending time with her family, which includes two cats, Pepper and Henry.

Sarah’s Favorite Quote:

“When you sparkle, you inspire everyone around you. She’s bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne!”


Director of Adminsitrative Services

Sheri Anthofer

True Hospitality, LLC was pleased to welcome Sheri to the leadership team in May 2020, currently serving our portfolio of hotels with countless administrative responsibilities, statistical reporting, human resource functions and financial preparation processes which are slated to provide supreme resources, improve productivity and relay vital support, real-time data, and technical oversight to our entire organization.

As an instrumental component in furthering the team’s performance goals and operational objectives, Sheri eagerly and professionally assists the executive team, hotel general managers, preferred vendors and visitors with a myriad of obligations geared toward continued successes by spearheading all invoice auditing, accounts payable, revenue and statistical reporting, hotel payroll processing, reputation management, STR data reconciliation and other administrative commitments through a variety of advanced systems, programs and technical applications. Additionally, Sheri manages, organizes, maintains, and distributes when necessary, all internal company records, files, reports, and documents as required or needed.

Sheri boarded our team with a wealth of previous experiences that would provide a solid foundation for competence, expertise, and a skill set that paired naturally with her important role. Possessing a professionally diverse background in customer service, administrative supervision, event planning and even hospitality management, she is equipped to confidently provide strategic, tested and proven methods that correlate to True Hospitality, LLC’s current mission, ongoing efforts and future endeavors.

In her spare time, Sheri continually remains active and on the go! She loves volunteering her time and energy to several causes and currently serves as a Goodwill Chamber Ambassador for Greene County. Sheri has a sincere passion for decorating, staging and design. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, visiting unique shops, or taking in a fun class such as cooking or painting to further her personal interests.

Sheri’s Favorite Quote:

“The start of opening your heart and being compassionate to others is none other than- a simple smile.”